ILM's SAT test preparation courses is the gateway to your dream career

Do you have a dream of studying in the popular universities of USA? Then you should have a clear idea about the SAT examination, as a majority of the US universities require the SAT as an eligibility requirement for undergraduate admissions. If you think it is hard to crack this examination, think again. Ivy League Mentors offers a range of SAT preparation courses that provide you with quality techniques and key strategies that will help you ace the test.

SAT examination format and the scoring process

If you are tensed and confused about the SAT, then our SAT test preparation courses will clear all your doubts by answering all the questions arising in your mind about this test. Many of you may not be aware of the latest format of the New SAT, since its change in May 2016. The New SAT Pattern comprises four major components-

Evidence-based Reading

This section tests your reading, comprehension and analytical skills. There are 52 multiple choice questions that need to be answered in 65 minutes.

Writing and Language:

This section measures your ability to recognise errors in Standard English grammar conventions, rhetoric and usage. You will have 35 minutes to solve 44 multiple choice questions.


To do well in this part, you have to practice algebra, advanced maths and problem-solving analysis. There are two Math Sections: Section 3 is Math without calculator, where you need to manage your time very well to answer 20 questions in 25 minutes. Section allows you to use calculator to solve 38 questions in 55 minutes. ILM's SAT test prep courses will make you familiar with those problem types that are frequently tested on the New SAT mathematics section.


Essay writing is optional and there are 50 minutes in your hand to show your analytical and organizational abilities. The esay is scored out of 24 points and the score on the ESSAY is NOT Counted towards your total scores in Math and English. The scoring process of the test is quite complex to understand. When you have joined any of the SAT training classes like Ivy League Mentors, then the process will not be a problem for you to get accustomed to the question and the marking pattern of the SA

How the SAT test prep courses prepare you properly for the final day?

Cracking the SAT is an important breakthrough on the path to your university admissions. ILM's Sat test prep courses are there to make the road to your success easy and to help fulfil your dream of studying the program of your choice in a reputed University. To achieve this goal, preparation in a planned and systematic way, with the proper guidance and technique, is required, which is offered by ILM's SAT coaching classes.
Practice is important and along with that giving mock tests are also necessary. Our classes will teach you how to move fast with the answers and how to solve more questions correctly within the given time. Taking simulated practice tests modelled along the lines of the real exam, getting a mock score, evaluating your test performance with feedback from our expert teachers and finally reviewing your own mistakes before the final day all are very crucial components of cracking the New SAT.
Last but not the least is to have a strong self-belief when you are going to take a standardised test such as the new SAT, which is an international level exam. If you hold the pencil with a trembling hand and nervous mind, you will not be able to give your best and in such a scenario, even the known questions may end up being remain unanswered by you. At ILM Prep, our test prep experts who teach the SAT coaching classes are mindful of the stress that students can feel going into the test. Thus, in addition to teaching them concepts and strategies, we also help build their confidence by making them familiar with what they can expect on the real test day. Our expert guidance and help will always be by your side and will also give you the boost to sit in the examination hall in a confident and relaxed frame of mind.
Before the final run, our coaching courses will make you mentally prepared. The tips and the suggestions given by us have proved very useful to get good scores on the test. So, without any hesitation join the SAT courses at ILM Prep and get prepared for facing the most awaited exam of your high school career- The New SAT.